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What Batman Taught Me About Being A Christian: Part 2

Can Batman teach us a few things about being a Christian? Absolutely. Here is a continuation of the last post. If you missed part 1, make sure to read that as well!

3. Even Batman needs a team

Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor.

Ecclesiastes 4:9

Batman was created in 1939, he looks pretty good for being almost eighty years old. Over the years, he’s evolved from the campy Adam West who was willing to dance the Batusi, to the more recent version of brooding, raspy, Christian Bale.

Over the years Batman has gone through a lot of changes but the mission has always been the same: stop evil. At the beginning of every story arc, Batman wants to save the day on his own. He doesn’t see the need for a team, though he doesn’t mind his butler Alfred making him Lobster Thermidor. Eventually, Batman always discovers that Gotham’s problems are too big for any one person. He needs more than his Bat-belt for help. So he enlists Robin, Bat-girl, the Justice League and even the most ridiculous dynamic duo partner ever, Ace the Bat Hound. I’m rolling my eyes as I write this.

As we look at the world’s problems, its easy to be overwhelmed. The challenges are so catastrophic, what could we possibly do to make a difference? We need to remind ourselves that we are not alone.

When I became a Pastor an older minister said I needed to learn to say two things: “I don’t know” and “I’m sorry.”

I would add a third…”I’m not God’s only servant.”

God doesn’t expect any one of us to change the world on our own. He just expects us to do our part to change our little corner of it. He wants us to be a hero to our family, neighborhood, church, work and school.

Like Batman, we might not have any superpowers but we can use whatever resources we do have. We are a part of one of the greatest potential teams on the planet: the Church, the hands and feet of Christ. No super-suits, nicknames or catch phrases required.

The words of Robin, “Holy Strawberries, We’re in a Jam!” are even more true now than ever. Fortunately, God didn’t send Batman to get us out of it, he sent ordinary people like you and me.

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