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Path of Grace

Proverbs 3:6

He will make your path straight.

The most crooked street in the world is arguably Lombard Street in California. Its eight hair pin turns over a one block stretch. The recommended speed limit is 5mph. You might as well just let the rotation of the earth carry you at that speed. Twists and turns have a way of slowing us down.

I love to go places as fast as possible. If there's a short cut I want it. When the GPS offers multiple routes, I look at the one that's the fastest. I enjoy the video game Super Mario and when I discovered you could skip worlds to beat the game faster I was on cloud nine. My least favorite game as a kid was chutes and ladders. It's the game where you can climb ladders and fall down slides or chutes. You can get almost to the finish and think you're about win and suddenly slide all the way back down back to start. I hated it.

God promises that if we follow him he will...

Straighten our path.

He will get us there ASAP: not as soon as possible, but As Soon As Profitable.

God doesn't want to get you there fast, he wants to get you there ready.

God could have taken Israel from Egypt to the Promised Land in eleven days but rather, chose forty years. While it took a moment to get Israel out of Egypt, it took decades to get Egypt out of Israel. God was more concerned with their destiny than their destination.

Carol Denise Richardson was serving a life in prison when President Obama offered her clemency. Can you imagine.? She was guilty and had no legal hope. Yet she was set free and given a second chance. This past week she was re arrested for stealing 60 dollars worth of laundry detergent. She has thrown away an incredible gift of grace.

A part of God's straightening our path is aligning our personality and perspective. He wants to fix our internal compass. In the words of TD Jakes, he wants to help us to "get ready, get ready, get ready." Let's not get so focused on where we are going that we lose sight of who we are becoming.

He will straighten your path.

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