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Joshua 1:1

Joshua son of Nun

We don't know much about Joshua's family tree. All we get is his father's name, Nun. Before Nun there's none, at least on paper. In the same way many of us don't know our ancestors. We are so future focused that we forget our heritage.

To neglect our history is to neglect our story.

When my grandma was two she almost drowned twice. The first was at Lake Michigan. An undertow grabbed her and started dragging her out to sea. Panicked, her mom just barely caught her by the fingertips. With that last breath I would have never experienced my first.

The second time she fell into an outhouse. (Any way to drown is awful but this has to be the worst). Once again, her mom just barely made it in time.

Fast forward a few decades and my mom almost drowned while white water rafting. She was bucked from the raft and got wedged between under water rocks. Just as she ran out of air, my dad was able to yank her free.

If I could trace my family tree throughout history I'm sure I would discover several near death experiences and miraculous rescues.

I would not be here if it were not for heroic moments. My story would have vanished into nothingness with any of my ancestors' premature deaths.

Scientists estimate that the probability of any of us being born is 1 in 400 trillion. Talk about winning the cosmic lottery or more accurately, talk about God's providence. He was protecting you before there was a you to protect.

I think it's wise to recognize the heroes of the past. We exist because of their sacrifice and perseverance.

As we celebrate Memorial Day, let's not forget not only our family heroes but our country's heroes as well.

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