The Value of And

​ Philippians 1:1 Paul and Timothy... I've been thinking about the word collaborate. As a kid, I would be paired with my sister to clean our room and because she's four years younger, she would be playing my little pony under the bed while I was doing a majority of the work. Naturally I ratted her out to mom in the process. In school, I hated collaborating. I was always paired with students who were slackers so I had to do a lot of the work and they just piggy backed on my grade. When I first started working, I hated collaborating because I always got put on teams of coworkers who wanted to do the minimum necessary to get a paycheck. For years, I found collaborating to be more frustrating t

Waiting Well

Hebrews 6:12 Through faith and patience they inherited the promises. Which of those two virtues do you struggle with more, faith or patience? For me it's definitely patience. It's easier for me to trust God's promises than it is to trust God's process. I hate to wait. But I'm challenged by the words of Pastor John Piper, "patience is faith in God's timing." While God's clock and calendar does not parallel mine, I have to trust that fast is not always best. God has an appointed time. A kairos time. Kairos is a Greek word for "opportune or perfect time." To get what I'm waiting for any sooner would be a mistake. I'm learning a lot about patience these days. To be a writer is to be a waiter. No

Path of Grace

Proverbs 3:6 He will make your path straight. The most crooked street in the world is arguably Lombard Street in California. Its eight hair pin turns over a one block stretch. The recommended speed limit is 5mph. You might as well just let the rotation of the earth carry you at that speed. Twists and turns have a way of slowing us down. I love to go places as fast as possible. If there's a short cut I want it. When the GPS offers multiple routes, I look at the one that's the fastest. I enjoy the video game Super Mario and when I discovered you could skip worlds to beat the game faster I was on cloud nine. My least favorite game as a kid was chutes and ladders. It's the game where yo

See & Cease

There's a time to delegate and there's a time to do. For my wedding anniversary, my wife and I visited our apartment on campus of the university I attended when we were first married. While it seemed smaller than I remember, our family is definitely larger: 3 busy boys, 2 stressed parents, 1 seventy pound dog and a partridge in a pear tree (Ok, not the last part). While there, I was reminded of an incident that happened. I worked at a bookstore on the property at the time and it backed up to the housing complex. A lady came in to the store screaming that the apartment next door was on fire. Quickly, we dialed 911. While we were still on the phone, an employee named Mark grabbed a fire exting

Crossing Over

Joshua 3:1 Early in the morning Joshua and all the Israelites set out from Shittim and went to the Jordan, where they camped before crossing over. Sometimes you have to leave to receive. Joshua and the Israelite community had lived in the desert for forty years miraculously provided for. It was now time to cross the Jordan river into the land God promised to them. They could stay in the desert and miss out on God's best or they could enter Canaan, where there would be challenges, battles, tests... but also God's abundant grace and gifts. We are often faced with this same choice. I don't like to travel. I tell my wife that my imagination allows me to go anywhere I want... for free.

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