Ascend & Grow

Joshua 14:12 “Now give me this mountain.” What is the tallest mountain in the world? It depends on how you are measuring but most experts say Mount Everest. The topographical giant is 29,000 feet above sea level. It’s considered the rooftop of the world, you can see three countries from the summit. While Mount Everest may be physically the tallest mountain in the world, all of us face mountains even taller. We come against challenges and obstacle that stand between us and God's best and we have to choose to cower or climb. Will we courageously say, “Now give me this mountain”? This is probably my favorite phrase in the entire book of Joshua. It comes from one of Joshua’s good friends

Every Hero's Worst Villain

Joshua 1:5 "I will never leave you nor forsake you." Joshua 7:8 "O Lord, what can I say, now that Israel has been routed by its enemies?” Do you remember the first time you saw a hero fail or fall? It is rare to see Thor without his hammer, Mjölnir. As the god of thunder he uses the weapon to defend the good and defeat the evil. Thor inherited the weapon from his father, Oden. The one condition is that Thor has to remain worthy of the gift. An unworthy individual can't even pick the weapon up, which means not even Hulk with his mutant muscles can take it from him. The only way to lose the weapon is for Thor to lose his way. During Marvel's 2011 movie, Thor, Oden's son is stripped of the hamm

If Stones Could Talk

Joshua 4:6 “In the future, when your children ask you, ‘What do these stones mean?’ tell them that the flow of the Jordan was cut off before the ark of the covenant of the LORD.” Have you ever had a Little Debbie's snack? Nutty bars Swiss rolls Cup cakes Oatmeal Creme pies 157 billion have been sold since 1960. There's nothing little about that. There were two things I looked forward to on the after school bus-ride home: cartoons and Little Debbie's snacks. One of my sons saw a show where a lady was eating a Nutty Bar and he asked me if they are any good. I said to him you're six. You're practically an adult and you've never had a little Debbie's?!? We stopped the show and took a trip to the

Blaze the Trail

Joshua 3:13 “And as soon as the priests who carry the ark of the LORD —the Lord of all the earth —set foot in the Jordan, its waters flowing downstream will be cut off and stand up in a heap. ” Someone has to go first. The Wright Brothers had to go first to prove that sustained human flight was possible. Chuck Yeager had to go first to prove that breaking the sound barrier was achievable. Roger Bannister had to go first to prove that running the mile in less than four minutes could be done. Jonas Salk had to go first to prove that the vaccine he created could cure polio. William Tyndale had to go first to translate the Bible into English. (Considering you just read Joshua 3:13 in English I t

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